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Faculty/Staff Directory

Name Phone Description
Name Phone Description
AIDE Morehouse School of Religion Office AIDE for the Morehouse School of Religion
Albert Mosley 404-581-0300 President-Dean, Gammon
Alfred Norris 404-527-7722 VP, CFO Financial Services
Lillian Parks 404-614-6314 Print & Graphic Design Manager
Angelecia Heath-McKenzie 404-527-5725 Residence Life, Student Coordinator
Anne E. Wimberly 404-527-7739 Administrator YHBA, Sponsored Programs
Betty R. Jones 404-614-6316 Director, Faith Journey; Adjunct Professor, Ministry in Context, Area IV
Bobbi Hall 404-527-7707 AVP Enrollment Management
Brady Radford
Brenda T. Robinson
Bruce (PT) Terry 404-527-7716 Mail Room
BWCS 404-527-5710 Admin Asst, BWCS
BWCS Social Network
Carol Helton
Carolyn McCrary 404-527-7738 Professor/Pastoral Counseling
Cassandra T. Hall 404-581-0300 Executive Administrative Assistant to the President-Dean Gammon
Charles Haddix 404-527-7792 Admissions and Recruitment
Charles Thomas 404-527-7711 VP of Administration
Charles Ward 404-527-7719 VP Institutional Advancement
Cynthia Rivers Adj Prof, Music and Worship
Daniel Shin 404-614-6338 Assist. Prof. Dorothy & Cornelius Henderson/E. Stanley Jones & Chair of Evan.
Darlene C. Wilson 404-527-7775 C.H. Mason Admin Aide
Darryl Claybon 404-527-7763
David Cann 404-527-7753
Debra K. Williams
Derek Ambrose 404-581-0310 Assistant Dean of Student Support and Recruitment
Dorothy B. Akoto
Edward Wimberly
Everett Flanigan 404-614-6331 Director, Lutheran Theological Center, Atlanta
Harold Bennett 404-527-7776 C. M. Mason President/Dean
Office of Strategic IT/Help Desk 404-527-5701
Henry Whelchel 404-527-7743 Professor Philosophy Theology/Ethics and History
Idell Henderson 404-614-6360 Director of Human Resources
Indonesia Wilson 404-527-6356 IT Student Support Specialist
ITC HR Training and Development
Itihari Toure 404-527-7729 Institutional Effectiveness Officer
Jacquelyn Grant 404-527-5710 Professor/Calloway Professor
James K. Porter 404-527-7720 Senior Accountant
James Knight 404-527-7718 Office of Institutional Advancement
Jasmine Conner 404-527-7707 Office Specialist I
John Green 404-527-0080 Dean, Turner Theological Seminary
Johnny Nimes 404-527-7782 Financial Aid Director
Karen Griffin 404-527-7748 Adj Professor, Chrisitan Education/Homiletics
Keith Slaughter 404-614-6378 Baptist Students Coordinator
Leroy Wright
Linda Thomas 404-527-7720 Manager, Student Financial Services
Lisa Allen 404-527-7730 Assoc. Professor/Degree Coord./Master of Divinity
Louise Gaddy 404-527-7768 Office Manager, Phillips School of Theology
Lynne St. Clair Darden 404-527-7749 Assist. Professor Biblical Studies & Language
Maisha Handy 404-527-7705 Interim VP for Academic Services/Provost
Mark Ellingsen 404-614-6325 Professor, Philosophy, Theology, Ethics and History
Mark Lomax 404-527-5719 Assoc. Professor/Church It's Ministries
Marsha Snulligan-Haney 404-614-6323 Professor of Doctor of Ministry/Dr. of Min Degree Coordinator
Mary Anne Allen 404-527-7763
Mary Bellinger 404-527-7763 Adjuct Profeesor
Megan Walker 404-527-7704 Executive Asst. to the Provost
Melanie L. Lucear 404-527-7729 Documents Specialist
Melody Berry 404-527-7763 Admin. Assistant
Michael Smith 404-527-5701 Field Support Specialist
Michael Blevins 404-527-7784 Admissions and Recruitment
Michelle L. Davis 404-527-7793 Admissions Director
Modeste M. Nyimi 404-957-9949
Morehouse School of Religion Morehouse School of Religion
Natasha Earl
Office of Institutional Advancement
Operator 404-527-7720 Front Desk 4th Floor Costen
OSCL Aide OSCL Clerk
Pam Sirmons 404-527-7708 Office Specialist II Office of the Registrar
Pamela Perkins 404-614-6321 Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Paul Brown
Portia Wills-Lee 404-527-5732 At Large Student Coordinator
Rae D. Fitch 404-527-0080 Admin. Asst, Turner Theological Seminary
Reginaldo Braga 404-614-6361 Asst. Professor/Degree Coord./Master of Christian Education
Richardson Fellowship The Richardson Fellowship
Riggins R. Earl 404-527-7728 Professor, Philosophy, Theology, Ethics and History
Rodrine Washington 404-614-6306 Student Financial Aid Counselor
Rollin Guyden 404-527-7757 IT Faculty Support Specialist
Susie Caswell 404-527-7766 Certificate Coordinator
Temba Mafico 404-527-7705
Thomas R. Poitier 404-527-7761 Internal Auditor
Timi Simpson 404-527-7720 Executive Asst. Financial Services
TTSH Turner Theological Seminary
Turner Housing Turner Housing Staff
Vanessa Lovelace 404-527-7746 Assist. Professor/Biblical Studies & Language
Will Coleman 404-378-8066 Professor, Systematic Theology
Willie F. Goodman 404-527-5735 AVP Student Services
Yolanda Dowery 404-527-7702 Executive Asst. Office of the President
Basil Brewer Director, Building & Grounds Gammon
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