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Mission / Vision

ITC Mission Statement

The Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) is a consortium of denominational seminaries whose mission is to educate Christian leaders for ministry and service in the Church and the global community.  The ITC educates and nurtures women and men who commit to and practice a liberating and transforming spirituality; academic discipline; religious, gender, and cultural diversity; and justice and peace.


ITC Vision

Educating and Nurturing Leaders to Transform The Church And World For the Common Good

The ITC embarks upon the twenty-first century with a two-fold vision that honors its historic mission and embraces its promising future. The first facet of the vision builds on a century-old commitment initially established by the constituent seminaries. With an international reputation for producing outstanding clergy and a long-standing tradition of community outreach, The ITC is committed to academic excellence in training leaders, teachers, pastors, and preachers with an exceptional dedication to serving the church and society.

The ITC is dedicated to producing public theologians - men and women who are intellectually keen, politically sophisticated, economically savvy, culturally sensitive, family friendly, technologically literate, and spiritually astute. A key role of these public theologians is to serve as liaisons - facilitators of new alliances - between America's churches and other nonprofit organizations, corporations, foundations, and government entities.

The second facet of The ITC's vision is to expand the variety and effectiveness of partnerships to meet the challenges confronting our nation's communities. The ITC is establishing itself as a nationwide resource on the Black Church's role in the renewal of American society. The program, which includes a research center, think tank, and clearinghouse, will compile data, analyze issues, develop leadership, inform the public, and encourage faith-based solutions to community problems. Through this initiative, the ITC will bring together leaders from the church, academia, secular nonprofit organizations, corporations, foundations, government, and communities to share insights and develop solutions to address the social and moral crises plaguing the nation's communities.

The ITC understands that the church must assume a more aggressive leadership role in the renewal of American society. Toward this end, the African-American Church, in particular, must forge new partnerships that undergird and energize the Church's historic and pivotal leadership in the communities it serves. Only by doing so can we help neighbors to strengthen their capacity to provide a higher quality of life for themselves and their families. The ITC welcomes the participation of all on this historic journey - a journey of faith, good works, and community - a journey to meet the unprecedented challenges we must face in the society we share today - a journey to make a lasting difference in the society we will share tomorrow.

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