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President’s Corner


Since the end of January, the Interdenominational Theological Center(ITC)  has not only been in a transition of leadership, but ITC has been facing financial challenges unseen by the center in more than a decade. Many of these challenges are not unique to ITC, and many seminaries are facing similar financial issues, which are new to them. Yet, in the midst of the challenges of transition and financial difficulties, we continue to move forward.  The Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty, Staff, Denominational Constituent Leadership, and Alumni have stepped up and as a result, real transformation is taking place. A new vision of ITC as a fully accredited and funded, with a revitalized commitment to educating Christian leaders for the church and global community is emerging. During this time of transition, ITC continues to move forward.

We are staying the path, and we will continue to build upon the foundation laid by Harry V. Richardson and the other Atlanta University Center presidents 58 years ago.  We endeavor to meet each objective and goal with fervor, and we are seriously committed to our current objective which is to insure the stability of the center, fiscally, and administratively.

So whether you are a prospective student, a curious on looker, a church or patron seeking to send someone to ITC, we welcome you. Feel free to learn as much as you can about us through our website. Moreover, we welcome you to personally visit the ITC campus.

God bless you,

Edward P. Wimberly
Interim President

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