Tuition/Fees | The Interdenominational Theological Center


Tuition and Fees for Academic Year 2012-13


1. Full-Time (12-16 credit hours)

Per Semester      Per Academic Year
  $5,890.00               $11,780.00

2. Part-Time (fewer than 12-16 credit hours)

Over the limit fee (more than 16 credit hours)

$705 per semester credit

A full or part-time student who is invited by a constituent President/Dean to be accepted into one of the constituent denominations of ITC may receive a scholarship provided that the constituent denomination is in compliance with the fiscal policy of ITC.

Student Fees    
Mandatory Per Semester  Per Academic Year
Registration Fee (non-refundable) $80.00 $160.00
Library Fee $140.00 $280.00
Computer Lab $110.00 $220.00
Parking Fee $50 $100.00
Journal $12.50 $25.00
UNCF Fee   $15.00
Student Christian League $50.00 $100.00
Total Fees: $457.50 – Fall Total Fees: $442.50 – Spring  
Non-Mandatory & Special Fees    
PSC 718 $160.00  
Add Drop Fee $10.00  
Auditing Fee $700.00  
Late Registration Fee $30.00  
Payment Plan $35.00  
Matriculation Fee $25.00  
Mail Box Rental   $15.00
Returned Check Fee $36.00  
Efficiency $1,980.00 $3,960.00
One Bedroom  $2,280.00 $4,560.00

Contact respective denominational facility for additional housing and dormitory accommodations.

Distance Learning Students
Tuition $5,890.00 per semester $705.00 per credit hours
Electronic Technology   $210.00
Electronic Library   $240.00
Registration Fee   $80.00


Doctor of Ministry Program students pay $450 per credit hours
Doctor of Ministry Program students pay $350 per semester
Partial scholarship for a full-time eligible student is currently $920.00 per semester and for a Part-time eligible student $175.00 per credit hour

(Tuition Deposit non-refundable $150.00, but will be credited to account when enrolled)