Faculty/Academic Staff and Administration | The Interdenominational Theological Center

Faculty/Academic Staff and Administration

Faculty/Academic Staff and Administration


Allen-McLaurin, Lisa 
Associate Professor, Worship & Music
lallen@itc.edu, 404-614-7730

Aymer, Margaret
Assoc. Prof., Area I
maymer@itc.edu, 404-527-7731

Bailey, Randall
Distinguished Professor and Andrew W. Mellon Chair in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
rcbailey@itc.edu/rcb526@comcast.net, 404-527-7754

Braga, Reginaldo
Asst. Professor of Christian Education
rbraga@itc.edu, 404-614-6361

Darden, Lynne St. Clair
Asst. Prof. of New Testament
ldarden@itc.edu, 404-527-7749

Earl, Riggins
Prof., Ethics & Theology
rearl@itc.edu, 404-527-7728

Ellingsen, Mark
Professor, Church History
mellingsen@itc.edu, 404-614-6325

Goodman, Willie
Asst. Professor, Pastoral Care & Counseling
wgoodman@itc.edu, 404-527-5735

Grant, Jacquelyn 
Prof., Systematic Theology
BWCS@itc.edu, 404-527-5712

Handy, Maisha
Assoc. Prof. Christian Ed./Assoc. Provost
mhandy@itc.edu , 404-614-6345

Lomax, Mark
Assoc. Prof., Homiletics
mlomax@itc.edu, 404-527-5719

Lovelace, Vanessa
Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
vlovelace@itc.edu, 404-527-7746

Mafico, Temba
Prof., Hebrew Bible/Old Testament/VP Academic Services/Provost
tmafico@itc.edu, 404-527-7704

McCrary, Carolyn
Assoc. Prof., Pastoral Care and Counseling
cmccrary@itc.edu, 404-527-7738

Shin, Daniel
Bishop Cornelius & Dorothye Henderson/E. Stanley Jones Chair in Evangelism
dshin@itc.edu, 404-614-6338

Slaughter, F. Keith
kslaughter@itc.edu, 404-614-6378

Snulligan-Haney, Marsha  
Professor of Missiology and World Religions
mshaney@itc.edu mshaney2@aol.com, 404-614-6323

Wallace, Beverly

Whelchel, Henry
Prof., Church History
hwhelchel@itc.edu, 404-527-7743

Wimberly, Edward
Prof., Pastoral Care and Counseling
epwimberly@itc.edu, 404-527-7704



Coleman, Will 
Adjunct Professor
wcoleman@itc.edu, 404.378.8066

Thompson, Mark



Berry, Melody
Admin. Asst., Min. & Context
mberry@itc.edu, 404-527-7763

Caswell, Susie
Program Manager, Cont. Eudcation & Certificate Program
scaswell@itc.edu, 404-527-7766

Gaddy, Ollie T. (Louise)
Admin. Asst. to President-Dean, Phillips
pstaide@itc.edu, 404-527-7768

Hall, Bobbie
Registrar/Associate VP Enrollment Mgmt.
bhall@itc.edu, 404-527-5264