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Dr. Daniel Shin

Daniel D. Shin

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Bishop Cornelius and Dorothye Henderson/E. Stanley Jones Chair of Evangelism;
Assistant Professor of Evangelism, Area III (Person, Society, and Culture)
-B.A., Wheaton College
-M.A., Wheaton College
-M.Div., Yale University
-Ph.D., University of Chicago

Dr. Shin is a constructive theologian working in the field of practical theology.  His research engages postliberal theology, public theology, and liberation theology to examine and reconceive the various practices of Christian mission, evangelism, and religious formation in the global context.   Attentive to the inter-disciplinary nature of his research, Professor Shin draws from philosophical hermeneutics, cultural and social theory, and theological ethics.  He also teaches Wesleyan theology and spirituality focusing on the doctrine of sanctification.  Dr. Shin received a Martin Marty Fellowship from University of Chicago (2008-2009) and a Lilly Fellowship in Practical Theology and Religious Practices (2011-2012), which have supported his research and teaching.  He is the author of “Scripture as Sacrament: Some Light from Origen” in Worship 73/5 (1999) and Following Jesus: Hans W. Frei on Theological Hermeneutics, Christology, and Discipleship (forthcoming).  He has given lectures and presentations both in the U.S. and abroad.  Most recently he presented the paper “Marching One Step at a Time” at the “Let Freedom Ring” Conference of the Annual Meeting of the Religious Education Association, Atlanta, GA (2012).  He is an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church.

Office: Costen 210
Phone: (404) 614-6338
E-mail: dshin@itc.edu