Dr. Edward P. Wimberly | The Interdenominational Theological Center

Dr. Edward P. Wimberly

Interim President

-B.A., University of Arizona
-S.T.B., Boston University School of Theology
-S.T.M., Boston University School of Theology
-Ph.D., Boston University Graduate School

Dr. Edward P. Wimberly is the Interim President of the Interdenominational Theological Center.  His most significant publications include Winds of Promise: Building and Maintaining Strong Clergy Families (co-authored with Anne Wimberly); African American Pastoral Care: The Politics of Oppression and Empowerment; Counseling African American Marriages and Families; Moving from Shame to Self-worth: Preaching and Pastoral Care; Relational Refugees: Alienation and Reincorporation in African American Churches and Communities; Prayer in Pastoral Counseling: Suffering, Healing, and Discernment; Claiming God: Reclaiming Dignity—African American Pastoral Care; and “Exploring the Meaning and Possibilities of Black Fatherhood Today” in Multidimensional Ministry for Today’s Black Family.

Phone: 404-527-7704
E-mail: epwimberly@itc.edu