Dr. Temba L. J. Mafico | The Interdenominational Theological Center

Dr. Temba L. J. Mafico

Vice President for Academic Services/Provost
Professor, Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Area I 
-B.A., University of London -Th.M., Harvard University
-M.A. Harvard University
-Ph.D., Harvard University

Dr. Mafico’s main research focus is on the Hebrew Bible and its relation to ancient Near Eastern myth and African tradition. He examines how African and ancient Near Eastern myth may have impacted the thought of the Israelites in Old Testament. His acuity in word study has led to his major publication: Yahweh’s Emergence As “Judge” Among the Gods: A Study of the Hebrew Root SPT. He has also published a chapter commentary on “Judges” in the International Bible Commentary; “Judge/Judging,” “Just /Justice,” and “Ethics of the Old Testament” in the Anchor Bible Dictionary; “The Divine Name Yahweh Elohim and Israel’s Polytheistic Monotheism,” Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages; “God’s Call and the Requisite Preparation for Performing Various Ministries,” The Journal of the Interdenominational Theological Center; and “Patriarchs” in The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Vol. IV. Dr. Temba Mafico is also pastor of the Village of Hope Baptist Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Phone: 404-527-7704
E-mail: tmafico@itc.edu