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Submission Guidelines


Submission Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines

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1.   All articles should be submitted electronically as a print-ready document.

2.   Print ready documents must meet the following criteria for submission:

a.   Articles must not exceed 15,000 words in length.

b.   An abstract of not more than 500 words is required.

c.    The font is to be Arial 12pt.

d.   The document print must be within 8.5 inches x 5.0 inches (ignore this).

e.   Header Text: Arial Bold/Italics 10pt

f.  Title Text: Arial / Bold / 12pt

g.  Author Text: Arial / 12pt

h.  Abstract Text: Arial / Italics / 12pt

i.  Body Text: Arial / Regular / 12pt

j.  Abbreviations should follow the JBL Instruction for Contributors

3.    Submitted articles must conform to the Journal of Biblical Literature  instructions for Contributors