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Office of Institutional Advancement

Office of Institutional Advancement

The Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA), working on behalf of the president and board of trustees, is tasked with developing the strategies and implementing the programs that will help ITC achieve its goal of Vision 2015:  “to become a citadel of excellence in graduate theological education.”

To realize this vision for a brighter future, OIA’s primary responsibility is to position the Center as an invaluable resource in Christian education for the nation and the world, and to raise the resources needed to ensure the Center’s continued evolution as a preeminent, 21st- century learning institution.

Using tried and true traditional methods, as well as the advances of social media and technology, OIA will develop innovative ways to engage all stakeholders—the Center’s five seminaries and the Richardson Ecumenical Fellowship, faculty, students, alumni and current donors—in the activities, accolades and aspirations of the Center.

OIA also will cultivate relationships with corporations, foundations, community groups and churches in such a way that these entities will be inspired to share and invest in the fulfillment of the Center’s greatest vision for itself.

OIA embraces the following beliefs and uses them as guiding motivators for its work:

  • ITC will become a citadel of excellence in graduate theological education
  • An informed, involved and proud campus community will contribute to the Center’s success
  • Adequate financial resources allow ITC to remain relevant and competitive in a growing and complex, competitive global society
  • At ITC, every giver, every gift has transformative power to assure we bring prophetic vision to modern society and the world
  • ITC will achieve both local and national prominence because of the personal and philanthropic involvement of its alumni, staff, supporters and friends

Donor Bill of Rights (PDF)

OIA Code of Ethics (PDF)