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The Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) is recognized as a leader in theological education since 1958, with a mission and ministry to educate women and men for leadership in the Church and the global community.

In 2005, ITC began a new focus termed TheoEcology(sm), which is being infused into our curriculum as well as our campus facilities, and our campus lifestyle. In 2006, the ITC Board of Trustees adopted the focus on TheoEcology as Strategic Goal #9 of our 10 year Strategic Plan.* We are blending our faith with a heightened consciousness toward better stewardship of the earth which God entrusted to us for safe-keeping and for partnership in living. We are committed to the recovery of that “green civilization” given to humankind in the beginning and creating a new “Eden”, starting with ITC’s 10 acres in the heart of downtown Atlanta. ITC endeavors to be intentionally infectious with our efforts so that others will see, will understand, and will become active participants in recovering that which has been violated in the environment.

With an initial grant from an anonymous benefactor, we created our action plan, guided by the wisdom of world-class environmentalists, theologians, and academics for making TheoEcology a reality on the ITC campus. Funding from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation helped us to begin to change the ITC landscape – with green renovation of our Administration Building, construction of our Robert Franklin Auditorium (a smart classroom that serves our Distance Learning Program), the construction of the Gardner Taylor Archives and Preaching Laboratory, and a Meditative Atrium. All these are designed with eco-friendly materials, lighting and carpeting, and non-toxic paints.

More recently, a grant from the Turner Foundation provided green renovation of our Chapel Atrium and Music Room. The Foundation is also working with ITC to upgrade its recycling program.

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To a “New Eden”~

Adopted by the Board of Trustees:

October 12, 2006
To be the living embodiment, spiritually and physically, of TheoEcology(sm) for the world, healing humanity’s prime estrangement, our divorce from nature.

Transform The ITC and the world it serves, informed by TheoEcology and guided by a vision of Eden
Generate TheoEcology’s theological foundation and embed it in all curricula
Live within a TheoEcology ethos, institutionally and personally
Ground all decisions — people-related, physical and capital — in TheoEcology (“Is this consistent with ‘Eden’?”)