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Constituent Seminaries of The Interdenominational Theological Center

The ITC’s campus of 11 buildings on 10.2 acres in Atlanta, Georgia, is home to the institution’s five constituent seminaries. Each represents one denomination among the many denominations represented on campus, in the African American community, and throughout the nation. Administrative offices of The Lutheran Theological Center of Atlanta also operate from the James H. Costen Lifelong Education Center.  The Center also welcomes students from other denominations beyond those represented by the affiliate seminaries through the “at-large” designation offered in the Harry V. and Selma T. Richardson Ecumenical Fellowship, named in tribute to the founding president  and first lady of the institution.

Gammon Theological Seminary
United Methodist

Morehouse School of Religion

Turner Theological Seminary
African Methodist Episcopal

Phillips School of Theology
Christian Methodist Episcopal

Charles H. Mason Theological Seminary
Church of God in Christ

Harry V. and Selma T. Richardson Ecumenical Fellowship