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Richardson Ecumenical Fellowship


Welcome Letter


Richardson Ecumenical Fellowship

Our Mission

The Richardson Ecumenical Fellowship seeks to create a community which invites persons to practice liberating and transformative religion experience regardless of faith belief through theological education and spiritual discipline.

Motto: One Body, Many Members


REF is committed to:

Scholarship and teaching that are in critical and creative dialogue with the traditions of both church and university.

The interaction of theoretical and practical learning in the classroom, in the church, and in other public settings.

An approach to curriculum and to teaching that seeks to enhance and integrate the intellectual, personal, professional, and spiritual growth of students.

The preparation of leaders to participate in ministries of justice and reconciliation.

A community of faith and learning inclusive of women and men who are diverse in ethnic, economic, social, and national background.


To enhance the quality of students for public life in America and the world by training intelligent, creative, resourceful, ethically alert, and faithful religious leaders for Christian faith communities.

To help prepare a new generation who will set the standards in their academic fields.

To create an exceptional students who will support effective teaching, significant and influential research, and vibrant community life.

To engage students in the healing of religious strife and to encourage interreligious conversation, understanding, and cooperation by providing opportunities for learning about and engagement with the traditions, practices, and cultures of the world’s contemporary religions.

To draw more deeply, in all of our community educational programs, upon the resources of ITC and the surrounding region.

To secure the financial resources needed both to support and nourish REF’s present vision and to encourage the continual broadening and deepening of our mission.

To strengthen REF’s participation in the wider community and to make visible to the community REF’s mission, educational excellence, and significant contributions to ecumenical life.

To make available to the wider community easily accessible information about REF and its mission and to present a compelling public portrait of REF’s heritage, resources, achievements, and contributions.